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$1.95million generated within 3 months of working with us

The Brief

As a strong family owned and operated construction business from Queensland, Australia, our client had a long list of happy clients enjoying newly transformed spaces.

However, this wasn't translating into new project opportunities and work was quickly drying up.

Like many businesses in the construction industry, they had been relying heavily on word of mouth marketing to get them by, and were starting to find that work was slowing down and nothing was in place to bring in a steady flow of future work.
Our client requested that we help them generate more leads, with the end goal being more sales for their construction business.

The Solution

The primary goal of this project was to enhance the sales performance of the client by implementing effective marketing strategies to generate a consistent flow of leads and increase client acquisition.

We were able to immediately identify key areas in their business model which could be optimised to provide them with the results they were looking for.

Much of the work we needed to do for this client was centred around their online presence. Like most construction businesses, they had a website that they had thrown together themselves and it just sat there - hoping that someone would find them online and get in touch. Optimising key areas on their website enabled them to position themselves as a leader in the new homes construction market in their area, and established their authority.

Along with this, we were able to set up some automations to make their job a lot easier, meaning they could spend more time on money making tasks and less time on self-promotion, while generating significantly more revenue.

Vision Digital did a great job and the process was seamless

The Numbers

Leads generated and sales made increased significantly in a very short space of time

$ 0 +


In the first 3 months immediately after launching this project for the client they generated over $1.95 million in additions revenue as a direct result of working with us.


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