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Helping to financially provide for 10,000 families globally.
Our mission to 10,000 is behind everything we do.
It is an ambitious goal that creates a massive impact on the lives of everyone we interact with.
It changes how we operate, and puts the focus on something bigger than ourselves.

Our Progress

Families Supported

The journey to 10,000 starts with YOU

Our mission to financially support 10,000 families globally is deliberately audacious.
It's a journey that we simply can not take on our own.

Financial stress is far too common and typically impacts more people than those individuals who are living in lack. Often family members and friends of those struggling can be faced with added pressures to help support those in need, meaning that a single financial strain (a loss of a job, or unexpected bill etc) can often impact up to 15 individuals.

Whether it's a young family in suburban USA, a couple living in South-East Asia, or a community in some of our poorest nations, every family deserves to have the finances required to live.

You are invited to join us on our mission to help support 10,000 families through partnering with us.

The easiest way you can partner with us in this journey is by hiring us to help you with your marketing needs.


We are committed to reaching our 10,000 target in several ways.

We are committed to donating 10% of all of our profits to charities that work directly and specifically with families in developing countries.

This means that when you partner with us and ask us to help your business grow, you are becoming part of the solution and helping us to help others.

Another way that we are taking steps forward to reach our goal is by hiring people in developing countries and giving them opportunities to grow their skills, as well as giving them an opportunity to earn enough for to support themselves and their families.

This typically takes the form of VA's and administrative staff, but we are hoping that we can train the right people into project development roles and other areas where they can shine.

Our Partners

These partners have helped us so far in our mission to reach 10,000 families globally - Thank You!


It might seem like an unusual goal - why not do something a bit more "mainstream" like build 1,000 water wells in Africa, or provide medical supplies to hospitals?

When Vision Digital was founded, the owners knew exactly what it felt like to feel financial pressure.
Living in a developed country, where it's expected that you "keep up with the Jones's", there was a while where they couldn't afford to keep their lights on, or pay rent on time - basic living costs couldn't be met.

After experiencing how stressful and exhausting living like this was, they became determined to ensure that they helped as many people as possible get out of similar situations - no matter their location.

Look, we get it...

with billions of people around the world, helping 10,000 isn't actually going to make too much material difference in the grand scheme of things.

But it could make a world full of difference to the individual and their family.

This is why we want to make this our focus.

Financial pressure maybe isn't going to grab headlines like ending child poverty, or curing cancer, but with around 16% of all suicides in the USA being a direct result of financial stress, the reality is that it can be a silent killer.

Will you help us in our mission to financially support 10,000 families?


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