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How Building Authority in Your Industry Helps Your Business Grow

Building authority in your industry starts with positioning yourself as a leader. This involves consistently demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and experience.

By David Cross

November 3, 2023



David Cross

Vision Digital CEO


David Cross

Vision Digital CEO

Building authority as an industry leader is crucial for business growth.


Becoming an industry leader and showcasing your knowledge and expertise can set you apart from the competition and attract more clients.


Building authority in your industry starts with positioning yourself as a leader. This involves consistently demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and experience.
Start by identifying your unique selling points and areas of expertise. What makes your services better or different from others in your field? Use this to shape your messaging and marketing strategies.


To establish yourself as an authority, you need to showcase your knowledge and expertise. This can be done in several ways.
Regularly publish blog posts on your website that address common questions and problems in your industry.
Be honest and understand that while the majority of your website visitors will be unlikely to actually read any of these blogposts, they help in other areas, such as search engine optimisation.
If you’re writing about topics that most people face, it is likely that your blogposts will show up when your potential clients are searching in Google for answers to those issues.
This generates more traffic to your website, and immediately sets you up as an authority.
Similarly, even when your visitors aren’t reading these articles, the fact that you have them available shows these visitors that you have authority in your industry and it increases the chances that they see you as an authority.

Share insights, tips, and best practices that demonstrate your expertise. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to share valuable content. Post updates about your projects, share industry news, and engage with your audience by answering questions and providing advice
Participate in industry conferences, webinars, and local events. Offer to speak on topics you are knowledgeable about. This not only showcases your expertise but also helps you reach a broader audience.


Content is king when it comes to building authority.


Consistently share valuable content that educates and informs your audience. This could be in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, or infographics. The key is to provide content that your audience finds useful and relevant. Create how-to guides, tutorials, and case studies that demonstrate your expertise and help your audience solve problems. Keep your audience informed about the latest trends, regulations, and innovations in your field. This shows that you are on top of industry developments and can be trusted to provide up-to-date information. Share success stories and testimonials from satisfied clients. This not only builds credibility but also shows potential clients the value you bring to the table.


Networking is essential for building authority.


Connect with other professionals in your industry, join trade associations, and participate in online forums and groups.
Building relationships with other industry leaders can help you gain visibility and credibility. Join local and national trade associations. Attend meetings and events to network with peers and learn from industry experts. Participate in online forums and social media groups related to your industry.
Share your knowledge, ask questions, and engage in discussions. Partner with other businesses and influencers in your industry. Collaborate on projects, co-host events, or create joint content. This can help you reach new audiences and enhance your authority.


Engaging with stakeholders is another crucial aspect of building authority.
This includes clients, suppliers, employees, and even competitors.
Demonstrating your commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction can help you build a strong reputation. Regularly communicate with your clients. Seek feedback, address concerns, and show appreciation for their business. Building strong relationships with your clients can lead to positive word-of-mouth and repeat business.
Maintain good relationships with your suppliers. Reliable suppliers can help you deliver quality services, which enhances your reputation. Involve your employees in your authority-building efforts. Encourage them to share their expertise and represent your business at industry events.


It’s important to remember that building authority takes time and requires consistency. You won’t become an industry leader overnight. It takes continuous effort to showcase your expertise, share valuable content, and engage with your audience. Stay committed to your authority-building activities and be patient. Over time, your efforts will pay off.


While becoming the top authority in your industry is the ultimate goal, your potential clients don’t need you to be the most authoritative in your area.


They just need to see you as an authority.


Building the perception of authority is your first priority and is actually much easier and faster to achieve than becoming the number one authority in your industry.
To build the perception of authority, focus on these strategies:


Ensure your website is professional, up-to-date, and easy to navigate. Your website is often the first impression potential clients have of your business.
One of the single most important things you can do to create the perception of authority when it comes to your website is to add a well-designed “projects” section.
Obviously, this only works if it is relevant to your industry (mechanics probably don’t have any use for this), but if it is relevant it will do absolute wonders for your business.
However, it is important to be careful with this and make sure that if you are going to promote past projects, you do with with a beautiful layout/design so that potential clients actually want to spend time and look through how you have helped others in the past.
A poorly designed projects area can actually do more damage than good.


Consistent Branding:
Maintain consistent branding across all your marketing materials, including your website, social media profiles, and printed materials. This helps create a cohesive and professional image. Be active and visible in your industry. Participate in events, contribute to industry publications, and engage with your audience on social media. The more visible you are, the more credible you appear.


Social Proof:
Social proof is simply showing that others have had a good experience with your business in the past.
Usually, this is done through testimonials, but the projects section on your website is part of this as well.
Without going on for pages and pages about how to make the most of social proof, there is 1 thing that you could do in this area which will benefit you the most.

Get more Google reviews!


This helps for multiple reasons.
1. The more positive Google reviews you can generate, the more authority Google will give your business. The more authority Google gives you, the higher you show up in their search results.
2. you can take these Google reviews and repurpose them across various platforms. Add them to your website and all social media channels. Put them on signs, or even put some of them on your vehicles.

Social proof works because your potential clients have never worked with you before. They don’t know what the experience is going to be like.
You can try and reassure them as much as you like, but the reality is that they don’t know you and they’re going to be sceptical.
When they see that others have had great experiences, it eliminates that uncertainty and scepticism, and it generates a high-trust environment, in which you can land them as a client and grow your business.



By focusing on these strategies, you can quickly build the perception of authority and start attracting more clients. Over time, as you continue to demonstrate your expertise and provide value, you’ll solidify your position as an industry leader.


Building authority as an industry leader is essential for business growth, especially for small business owners.
By showcasing your knowledge and expertise, sharing valuable content, building your network, and engaging with stakeholders, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field.


Remember, building authority takes time and consistency, but the perception of authority is your first priority and is easier to achieve. Focus on these strategies, and you’ll see your business grow as a result.

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